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The Patented Multibore® Membrane

Just 20 nanometres: that is how small the pores of the high-tech membranes are that the water passes through during ultrafiltration, which makes them 3000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair! This is a method that promotes health and purity in a world of truly microscopic dimensions.

The patented Multibore® membrane developed by inge GmbH is a major innovation in the field of water treatment. The membrane combines seven individual capillaries in a single fibre within a highly resistant supporting structure. This arrangement significantly increases the stability of the membrane, which virtually rules out the possibility of fibre breakage.

The Patented Multibore® Membran

The company inge GmbH has successfully managed to develop and produce its own membrane, which is capable of stabilizing the fibres to such an extent that not a single breakage has occurred since it was first put into operation. This ground-breaking technology from inge can therefore offer you significant cost savings and maximum operating reliability.

A membrane fibre structure, which the developers modelled on the honeycomb structure found in beehives, has proven to be an essential ingredient in this new technology’s recipe for success. The Multibore® membrane produced by inge is markedly superior to conventional single-fibre capillary membrane products. The membranes are bundled together in plastic housings (so-called dizzer® modules), thereby ensuring optimum hydraulic properties, extremely high durability and a clean and safe treatment process.